Creating Children Book Illustration Art is a design quality that the author-storyteller desires that will engage the reader to read the story. Selecting a style that meets this criteria involves the author & illustrator working closely.

The illustration and style set the tone and mood for the scenes to make the story flow throughout the book.  With over 20 years of children of book, New visual storytelling and game design training at the graduate level you can be assured we can created your children book project scene sketches, digital illustrations and  book pages layout & design. This includes the book cover jacket design, front matter (Intro pages), page scenes and story manuscript for press ready 300 dpi in the format your printer or publisher requires. We use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to composite and layout you book project. We use additional software such as Sketch-up, Unity and OpenSim to enhance the 3D depth of your scenes to make them more appealing.

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 Author submits scene description: The description should include setting (indoors or outdoors),

Background detail (single color, blended color or no color), character ethical and race, text  bubble or cloud on scene and story writing or no story text on page and action or motion.

Illustrator  submits  cost estimate: The illustrator submits cost to author. The estimate includes of

description of scenes, output format (hir-res .jpeg or pdf), target date and cost. If approved the illustrator.

If approved by author or publisher down payment is submitted to begin work.

Work for hire agreement submitted by illustrator.

Work flow example process (Frog scene)

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