T-Shirt Design is one of the widely used forms of promotion every produced. T-Shirt Art Design is a combination of Art illustration & Graphic design or a simple text character message. A simple design can sometimes make the most graphic impact on a design; this can be your company or organization logo, a drawing of a person or symbol.

Sometime T-shirt Art Design can be more complex and requires abstract images, multi-color text, and images or blended mix media design.

It’s important as a graphic designer and illustrator to understand the different print production processes for t-shirts. Why you might ask; depending on your budget, color requirements and printer specifications the cost can vary and your desired outcome may have to be adjusted.

With over 30 years of T-shirt printing and design experience, our staff can create illustrations and printing art preparation for your design to the printer of your selection. This can be your local T-shirt printer or upload to an online printer according to their required specifications.

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