Self Publish your book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Self Publish your Children, Autobiography, Self improvement or Professional guide on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Our 7 Steps to Kindle Direct Publishing

Author prepares manuscript

• Type the entire story content.

• Include photos or illustration locations in story.

• If illustration needed to generate. Supply brief descriptions.

Decide on Publication type

• Children book

• Professional or personal story

• Learning trade book

Designer compose the book publication

• Create draft of front cover & inside layout

• If illustrations are included. A rough draft of illustrations in

a black & white form will be created.

Prepare final book for print

• Create back cover

• Designer convert front & back cover to hi-res quality pdf

• Designers convert Word doc or Adobe InDesign inside

pages layout to pdf.

Author creates Amazon KDP account

• Author creates Amazon KDP account

• Purchase ISBN & bar or allow Amazon KDP to insert

their free on back cover.

Submit Book to Amazon KDP

• Upload both the front & back cover in one pdf

• Upload one pdf of the inside pages.

• Preview the entire book in the Amazon KDP previewer

• If not approve make adjustments and resubmit.

• Select approve for submission to start the Amazon KDP

reviewing process.

Amazon KDP review content

• Review process can take 36-72 hours.

• You will be notified via email if book is available for purchase.

• Go to the Amazon web address to purchase your book