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Creative Digital Art is a subsidiary of Jamesce & Associates, LLC founded in 2002. We offer design services that includes; book cover jackets, event flyers, logo design and re-digitalization, 2 & 3D urban architectural and propose project signage design, 2 & 3D patent invention diagrams, Children book layout & Illustrations, music CD jacket & song sheets and custom business card services. From concept to design we provide your conceptualize ideal that is unique to your brand or organization.

To view our design protfoilo visit: Visit http://www.coroflot.com/EssexJames




     A logo is an image that identifies your company, organization or project. Careful planning and thought in the design…

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Creating Children Book Illustration Art is a design quality that the author-storyteller desires that will engage the reader to read…

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The Book cover design is the first impression of the book title or author self-promotion book. The cover also sets…

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The Custom Business Card takes on a substantial role in advertising your brand, business, organization or project. A Custom Business…

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  They say big things come in small packages. The event or promotion flyers design has to achieve an objective…

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T-Shirt Design is one of the widely used forms of promotion every produced. T-Shirt Art Design is a combination of…

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Architectural 2D to 3D modeling visualization provides a vivid picture of a structure as well as landscape layout design.  …

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Creative designs

"Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in every way possible” -George Washington Carver


Quality design is conceptualizing an idea that allows the mind to explore all aspects of a project. We evaluate every project and combine this thought process in your concept art. Whether the design is for print, web or 3D design, knowing the market were your concept art will exist is critical to its success.


The right decision to create a design concept requires careful planning along with staying in the budget guidelines established for the project. Getting the most functionality out of a concept is the priority we consider on every product..


To bring the creative concept to reality requires the choice of the right software application. Attention to detail during the workflow process makes efficiently generation of your design. With more than 20 years of  graphic design and 3D modeling experience,  You can be confident Creative Digital Art will exceed your project expectations.

Our Clients Feedback

  • The graphics services rendered by Essex James for my sheet music covers and logo were excellent. Mr. James’ professionalism is top notch. He is very creative and responsive, and he delivers very high quality designs.  I highly recommend him, and I will definitely work with him again.

    Willa Jo Greene
  • Professional, prompt with vibrant 3-D visualization and creative illustrations – Essex J. James is the Ultimate designer! Mayor Benita Dixon (ret)2017

    Mayor Benita Dixon
  • As a publisher in Orlando, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Essex James 10 years ago during a Writers Guild event. Then I had the opportunity to work with him the following year on our first children’s book, The Fly and the Hippo by Joanne H. Dumas. His passion for what he does and his commitment to bringing the client’s vision to life are priceless. I highly recommend Mr. James because he is easy to work with and, more importantly, he is true to his word.

    Thank you,

    Suzette Morgan

    FarMor Group Inc.













    Suzette Morgan
  • As a photographer you really need someone who can provide what you need when it comes to photo editing when using Photoshop because once again as a photographer your main job is to shoot, so spending time on photo editing takes away from you being able to complete jobs in a timely fashion. But when you have a guy like Essex to handle your job, you just give it to him and with minimal explanation; he knows what you want and provides what you need, expeditiously.

    He also created my logo. Which I love.

    Lester Hilton
  • I Highly recommend Essex James as a very professional, motivated, creative and skilled Person.

    I have used him on several occasions for Graphic designs.  His product is of very high quality.

    He has always gone above and beyond to deliver his work in a timely manner.

    I recommend him, highly and look forward to working with him in the future.

    Betty Miller
  • Essex is an amazing graphics designer. His professionalism, quick turnaround time, and attention to detail are just some of great qualities that he possesses. Not only have I used him for various projects, I have used him for many years as well. I would highly recommend that you let Essex recreate that vision in your thoughts to a visual that would be very satisfying to your eyes.

    Ronda Dudley